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Engage consumers with Display, Video, and Native formats across desktop, mobile web, and in-app

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Reach your target audience and monitor user response accurately with display ads


Increase user engagement and brand recall with cost-effective video inventory


Share your brand story with native ads, it’s non-intrusive and highly effective

Automate your buying, control performance and cost-efficiency with secure RTB media buying platform

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No long-lasting negotiations: request a demo and start testing our DSP in 2-3 days

Reach the whole world

Access supply and demand in 140+ countries in North America, LATAM, CIS, EU, and MENA

Target real people

Reach 100% bot-free traffic, plus unique audience from our own publisher

Control your CAC

Know what works for you with detailed real-time analytics and wide metrics selection

Performing ad formats

Leverage display, video, and native formats across desktop and mobile

Anti-fraud algorithms

High-quality inventory backed by anti-fraud algorithms and fully supported for ads.txt

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We are Markpoint – the point of hassle-free media buying and growth.

Our mission is to power up our customers and partners, help them grow their businesses, reach their KPIs, and do that in and cost-effective way.

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