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We are Markpoint – the point of hassle-free media buying and growth.

Our mission is to power up our customers and partners grow their businesses, reach their KPIs, and do that in and cost-effective way.

Our story

The team behind the product brings to the table years of expertise in advertising, marketing, technology, and data. Basically, Markpoint DSP has become the next step of evolution and development for us.

Having been at publisher, agency, and ad network sides, we’ve heard most pain points and explored most wants of our customers and partners. We know what the brand wants, so we’ve put it into the Markpoint DNA. We keep a balance between expertise and innovation, automation and human touch, being fast and insightful.

We don’t waste your time – we help you save it and get the most of it.

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Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Data Officer


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Drop us an email if you want to find out more about how to take your media buying to the next level and boost your growth.

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What you get with us?

Start fast and easily

No long-lasting negotiations: request a demo and start testing our DSP in 2-3 days

Reach the whole world

Access supply and demand in 140+ countries in North America, LATAM, CIS, EU, and MENA

Target real people

Reach 100% bot-free traffic, plus unique audience from our own publisher

Control your CAC

Know what works for you with detailed real-time analytics and wide metrics selection

Performing ad formats

Leverage display, video, and native formats across desktop and mobile

Anti-fraud algorithms

High-quality inventory backed by anti-fraud algorithms and fully supported for ads.txt

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