Banner Advertising 101: Beginner’s guide

Despite today new ad formats are emerging, occupying all kinds of screens from smartphones to smart TV, banner ads are still one of the most effective advertising type. In this article we’re taking an overview of why use banner ads and how do that in the most efficient way.

What is banner advertising?

Banner advertising is image-based advertising on the Internet. Why is it so popular? The banner ads are intended to lead visitors to the offered site. It’s a cost-effective way that allows advertisers to attractively place their products and services on many websites.

Every web banner advertising is a unique message, which may have a look of a static image or animation. In addition, such ads can increase trend recognition, attract potential customers and direct advertising targeting. 

Why use banner ads?

The banner is often the first contact of an Internet company with a potential client. Depending on the quality of design, originality, technical performance, the user can make a first opinion about the website or products. Web banner ads attract and increase traffic through a link to the website. What’s more, this ad type functions similar to regular print advertising: it informs, notifies of a new product appearing at the market, also increasing the brand recall. So what tasks does online banner ads help to solve?

Brand awareness

Banner helps to improve brand awareness, which is a key factor in the company’s success in the market, especially in high competition. Many large brands and companies (Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple etc) apply banners to evolve their business through website banner ads.

Generating leads

It may be a good way to build a user base. The main task is to convert site visitors to potential clients that are interested in further interactions. Banner advertising, as a visual site card, may provide all possible assistance.


Thanks to high-quality visual advertising, there is an opportunity to re-interest current and past customers, encouraging them to buy new products or services. For instance, if for some reason the client only looks at the product, but does not buy it, then after some time the advertisement displays this choice again, which will encourage the user to click and make a purchase.

Why is banner advertising effective?

Online banner advertising has many advantages over conventional one – you can easily measure its effectiveness. If we talk about banner advertising, then its index is a click through rate. This metric is based on the amount of impressions and users who clicked on the banner. The effectiveness of web banner ads lies vivid remembering the brand, previous requests and suggesting them again so that the user is interested.

Most performing ad banner formats

With different formats of ad, you can reach a specific audience and select the most suitable banner for this stage of company development. Using various types of mobile, media, video and multimedia banners, marketing specialists increase the effectiveness of the company by more than 70%. All advertising formats may be applicable: large ones attract more attention, but a smaller size and a bright accent will be more acceptable for applications and mobile.

Rich media banner ads

Unlike traditional banner advertising, rich media are interactive and dynamic which increases their visibility. This desktop banner has high conversion, interactivity and engagement.

Mobile, interstitial & app banner ads

Such advertising is designed for mobile devices. Mobile web and app ads are very interactive, cost-effective and easy to implement.

Video banner ads

These banners contain video that often automatically plays inside ads. It may enlarge when you scroll or hover, then redirects the user to the desired page by clicking. Such online advertising is non-intrusive, memorable and interactive.

Banner ad best practices

The success of banners depends on a clear statement of the goal and the way design and text are framed. Since ad has a big impact on the development of a brand or company, it’s important to understand what will affect success. With creating quality web banner ads, you need to follow certain important factors to reach your goals.

#1 Strong heading

The first thing that attracts attention is a bright and catchy headline. Don’t use boring and expressionless clichés, like: “Look here!” or “Products you need.” Attract visitors with a short and captivating headline to make them want to click. Then use various font sizes and design colors to distinguish a headline from the rest of ads.

#2 Creative copy

Many users are attracted to creative copies, which contain the words “Free”, “Only today.” To maintain attention, use similar words that will support the headline. Keep your message short but accurate with enough information. Grab user attention and then quickly send a message.

#3 Right placement

Once you have created a captivating banner, find the right website to display ads. Through ad platforms, like DSPs you may publish your ads to attract users and create a new customer base. Demand-side platforms are focused on effective targeting; global reach, and can ensure brand safety.

#4 One offer per ad

Don’t overload your ads with lots of offers. This can confuse the user, allowing them to skip the information altogether. Follow the rule: One offer per ad. If it’s appropriate to list all the products, then it will be more productive to run several ads within the same banner advertising campaign.

#5 Video and motion

Users quickly pay attention to the animation and movement on the website, and thus animated banners are much more effective than simple static ones. You can use different tricks to attract attention: gliding, disappearing, blinking, etc. However, the measure matters – too much animation can become intrusive and play a negative role.

#6 Test and tune

When you’ve created a great banner design, don’t stop there. You need to know how efficient your ad is. Make few reports to understand which banners are highly rated, which websites bring more action, what work most productively. Make adjustments to the ad after measuring success, then do research and repeat as necessary again.

Final thoughts

Many leading companies and brands use banners and see the attention of users and the growth of their business. If you are interested in growing your company and spreading the word about it, then display banner ads can be of real help.

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