Entering the era of new media in programmatic

The new year is always a good chance to remember, analyze, observe, and make plans. The ad tech industry has seen many transformations, especially over the last years, and it keeps evolving. Starting a new ad tech year, we’re going through a review of the trends, formats, and core tendencies that will shape programmatic in 2020. Here we go.

Innovation in connected TV 

2020 will be a challenging year for TV marketers. First, it’s giants like Apple TV+ and Disney+ that have entered the streaming market to get their piece of the pie. Besides, shift to mobile has changed viewing habits: viewers do not give up their smartphones even sitting in front of a big screen, meaning, marketers have to try harder to earn viewers’ attention and interaction.

Smart marketers have already embraced a cross-platform approach and have brought it into their strategies to engage viewers across every screen where video content is served. With programmatic TV capabilities they get more opportunities for to align ads with viewers experience and bring in more personalization.

As for the next big things coming in connected TV ads, it’s CGI (computer-generated imagery) product placement. A couple of months ago Tencent, China’s largest video platform, announced they are starting inserting product ads into the movies and series:

Such experience sounds promising and throws us back to James Bond, naturally advertising to us Martini and Aston Martin and Marty McFly doing so with Nikes and Pepsi. Computing vision technology powered by AI and accompanied by programmatic capabilities seems to change the way video ads are served completely. 

Another innovation relates to shoppable video. These are video ad formats that have gone far beyond sales pitch delivery familiar to us from the “shop on a sofa” concept. The best practices of future-oriented shoppable videos bring immerse experience and let potential customers interact with content.

Mobile gaming ecosystem

Apparently, it’s another area representing a big opportunity for programmatic marketers in 2020. 

Game studios will focus more on consumer experience and context, considering player-first philosophies, which will impact advertising much. 

Gone are (or at least will be soon, hopefully) the days of clumsy and messy ads. Instead, we’ll see more naturalistic in-game ads integrations, like for instance, Adverty nails that:

Along with disruptive ad-experiences and direct-to-consumer strategies, game studios will also bring new opportunities to the market by extending game portfolios. This should introduce to brands multiple touchpoints to reach the hearts of game enthusiasts (and do that in a healthy way).

Making ad creatives great again

Display campaigns will get more engaging and interactive with the help of dynamic creative optimization, one of the most exciting programmatic trends in 2020.

Dynamic creatives, powered by valuable customer data, will help brands enhance personalization with viewers and provide them with timely and relevant offers.  

Dynamic creatives served in correct ad formats, make ads highly viewable, memorable – and convertible. The main thing marketing and design teams are going to solve here is finding the formula, mixing ad creative, messaging, and ad placement in the correct proportion.

Programmatic audio and ad creatives 

Dynamic creatives contribute not only to visual communication. Audience insights, location data, time of the day, and other data can help audio advertisers run personalized campaigns using dynamic creatives capabilities. And that is where programmatic thrive and helps to  deliver relevant messages to consumers via ads on podcasts, digital radio, and streaming music. 

With podcasts, dynamic ads are becoming not only more accessible but also promising – for brands. For instance, in 2018, about 49% of US podcasts ad revenues were from dynamically inserted ads, according to a study from the IAB and PwC

Most programmatic marketers see 2020 as the year of explosion for audio content and stress the importance of embracing the power of data and audio at scale. 

Plus, as giants like Amazon (the Echo Studio), Sony, and PlayStation bring to the market 360° audio capable devices, we’ll witness how consumer experience evolves, and brands embrace the opportunity to realize the potential of immersive sound and go beyond the means of visual. 

Voice-activated ads 

A few years ago, Gartner predicted that by 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions would be done without a screen, through voice-first browsing. Now, back in 2020, a recent survey by VoiceBot.AI reports at least 25% of US adults make their purchases through voice-assistants. Things that are ordered most are household items, apparel, entertainment, and games. 

Other stats illustrating voice-based smart devices adoption and rise relates to in-car voice assistants, as over 60% of car buyers use those into purchase decisions.

Programmatic advertising has a critical role to play in helping marketers optimize these ad spaces across in-home and in-car smart devices, to in-store and on-apps audio ad opportunities. 

Additionally, out-of-home audio advertising solutions allow brands to connect with consumers through in-store background ads, broadcasting over speakers installed at shopping stores.

The era of connectivity in out-of-home

A new era of connectivity in OOH will open up a realm of new opportunities, turning digital out-of-home into a network of connected portals.

Location and turbocharging audience targeting is the key here. Using location as the lens to collect and examine data, unearth new insights, and extrapolate them, will bring marketers to the ultimate understanding of on-the-go human behavior. Hopefully, this is where creativity will thrive as well as supercharged by data.

Advertising landscape continues to shift and it seems we’ll see even more convergence in media. 

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