• Open RTB 2.0-2.5
  • Custom XML
  • JSON
  • Protobuf
  • Regular tags
  • VAST and VPaid tags
  • MarkPoint supports Native
  • Banner and video across desktop
  • Mobile web and in-app

We partner with Pixalate, media quality platform to ensure your campaigns are protected

MarkPoint supports 1st and 2nd bid price auction

MarkPoint bidding and billing currency is USD

MarkPoint supports both methods but we prefer ADM

Google GCS: Berkeley County, South Carolina

MarkPoint uses Prebid (release 2.0)

MarkPoint floor rates for the ad types start from:







All rates are mentioned for CPM. Be mindful that a few of the floor rates may alter over time due ad environment changes. We recommend to contact us for recent prices. Contact us

We use CPM, the model when you pay per one thousand ad impressions/views

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